Friday, 16 April 2010

Something fishy about Iceland

Something doesn't feel right. The biggest halting of air flight in Europe since World War 2. Because of a volcano in Iceland? I haven't seen any ash, and I'm in London, so I'm also on the path to the rest of Europe - if there was ash going there it would be passing through here. Nothing - clear skies.
Besides, even if there were traces, surely pilots could avoid them by flying at different altitudes or going by different routes?
Let's take a closer look. Indeed, the ash has not arrived on UK shores yet. In fact, apparently the eruption started on March 20th, so pretty much a full month ago. The ash has been moving very slowly since:

And then we have this:

That's an image from the BBC website, which seems like a work of fiction. Now, it's pretty clear that the ash would not disrupt most flights, except those to Iceland itself. It may become an issue in a few weeks when it's path is revealed, but for now it's not. It's moving very slowly, and can be monitored and avoided.
Why do the New World Orderists want to shut down air travel? Perhaps just to convince themselves that they can. Prison planet, here we are.

Update: check this out:
In contrast to much of mainland Europe, Iceland's airspace remains open.
It's business as usual in terms of flights going in and out of Reykjavik, says the BBC's Ann Courtney from the Icelandic capital. Flights are departing for the US, Glasgow and Dublin. Some flights have been cancelled as a result of the airspace closures elsewhere in Europe though, she adds.
Read that again. Yes, it really is all a giant hoax.

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