Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Keep playing

Perhaps the single most damaging thing schools teach is that it's bad and wrong to fail.
But when we learn to walk, we fail over and over before we get it right.
Indeed, without failure we as humans simply cannot truly learn anything.
What we can do is parrot things back - in fact we can get 100% that way in school tests.
In life there's no such thing as 100%, there's only the hustle. If scared of failure, we become paralysed, unable to function with the creativity and originality which is our own peculiar character make up. We keep doing the same things, the safe things, over and over. We specialise. We practice routine. Our minds relax, our hearts stiffen. We practice frivolity without gaiety, and earnestness without seriousness. We forget how the game should be played.

There's no such thing as losing.

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