Thursday, 18 March 2010

School's Out

From Personal Liberty:

Public schools today are crime-ridden, unhealthful places where children are exposed to sex, drugs and diseases and taught a sanitized version of American history and a loyalty to and dependence on big government, according to James Ostrowski in his book, Government Schools Are Bad For Your Kids.

Actually, I've got nothing against sex or drugs, except that most drugs these days are pale shadows of what they should be (because they're illegal), and I suspect that most kids at school don't get enough sex - the alphas will be getting it all (see Roissy). But the dependence on Big Government is real, and will kill all that is worth preserving in the human spirit.

It ought to be mentioned that it's not just government schools. All schools in this country have to conform to a curriculum. They're all subsidiaries then really, pumping out the same propaganda.

Homeschool your kids. If you love them at all, homeschool them. Find a way.

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