Tuesday, 30 March 2010

More support for fats

Go keto:
In recent years, evidence has come from another quarter of the influence of diet on resistance to infection. I refer to the observations of Helmholz40 and Clark 41 on the curative effect of a ketogenic diet in many cases of urinary infection. It is true that the effectiveness of this therapy is regarded as depending on the actual excretion of ß-oxybutyric acid (Fuller42), and the acid reaction of the urine, but it would be surprising to me if these cereal-free and high vitamin A-containing diets commonly given to such patients had not the power of raising the resistance of the body to infection, apart from the ketogenesis they produce. Evidence of this nature ought to be examined and the use of such diets extended to other forms of infection than those of the urinary tract. The curative effect of diets devoid of cereal and rich in fat-soluble vitamins on dental caries (M. Mellanby and Pattison) has already been referred to (p. 25). It may prove that the best form of diet for combating sepsis is a combination of high vitamin qualities, especially of high fat-soluble vitamin content, with low cereal and a definite ketogenic action.

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