Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The New Verld Order

There's a good chance you'll have heard about the hearing into the "legality" of the Iraq war. It's all over the bloody news, all the time - and Christ it's boring.

But what's really going on here? Something was bothering me about all this talk, especially on the BBC. They like to be the government lapdog, after all.

And then there's the nebulous issue of "legality." What do you mean, was it illegal? There is no international law. There's the UN, which is basically a criminal organisation. And has no legitimacy - no-one is "elected." Questions of legality are non-existent. You can say with reasoable certainty what is legal within one nation's borders or another's, but across borders?

But then of course. This is softening up the public to accept a very real transnational law. The same thing that Alex Jones has been talking about for while, and has been more or less admitted to by senior politicians including Gordon Brown. A New World Order, where there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide from the forces of totalitarianism.

I'd like to think that the burgeoning forces of anarchy unleashed by the internet will kill such ambitions before they get started, but there's still some uncertainty - especially since most of the world is going down a crazy route of indebtedness, asset bubbles and hyperinflation - and hence probably war.

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