Monday, 22 February 2010

Let the good times roll

It's worth pointing out that although dark times are ahead, in terms of economics, politics and war, actually it's the correct times, the real times, the good times. As Schiff has pointed out, it's not the decade from hell that's ahead of us. It's the decade of sin behind us, and the decade of re-adjustment ahead. And as Celente points out, there's going to be good times in many ways. There will be an accent on quality, just as in the last depression there was some of the happiest, freest music ever made. And the 70s were pretty funky, too.
We've had a long period of having our creative and productive capacities eroded by the sloth of not needing to, of relying on credit, of listening to corporate-government propaganda on how to live our lives. All that's due for a change, and a corresponding exponential increase in happiness, even if, on paper, we're not as wealthy as we were in the "good times."

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