Saturday, 5 December 2009


AGW just baffles me:

1. It hasn't been proven that it's getting warmer, in any meaningful sense. Its pattern is indistinguishable from random. And as for the future - you simply can't project, it doesn't work like that. It could just as well plummet tomorrow and for the rest of the century. Who knows?
2. Even if it were proven that it's getting warmer now and in the future (it won't be - indeed, it can't be), it has to be proven that man is responsible. Through CO2 emissions. Even though they're small relative to natural emissions. Won't happen.
3. Even if it were shown that man is causing a significant upturn in temperatures through his actions, it would have to be shown that government policies and regulation would correct the problem. This is very obviously not the case, as all libertarians know. Getting out of the way would be the thing to do.
4. If it were shown that some super-duper law would fix the problem of AGW (flat-out impossible), what's so bad about it getting warmer anyway? In the past it's been the colder periods that have given us most problems. Warming always coincides with a flourishing of fertility and abundance. The last Ice Age was less of a hoot.

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